Philosophy thesis urban planning

  1. Architecture and city planning create the cover of our life
  2. The quality of architecture and city planning is a mirror of the present culture quality of society
  3. The quality of architecture and city planning shows the efficiency and ability of the client and society
  4. Right Location and Size: Topography, Climate, Water, Air, Earth
  5. The development and realization of human housing and human work places are the most important and dignified task at present
  6. Human settlements are a total sum of hierarchies and addresses
  7. Urban structures are sums of several and different hierarchies:
    We define hierarchies in
    • Urban spatial structures     
    • Urban public and private spaces    
    • Functions and function distribution
    • Traffic                        
    • Green systems                
    • Water systems        
    • Skyline        
    • Dominants and landmark distribution
  8. Urban structures are a sum of several and different addresses
    • Urban design aim is to create a high quality of all addresses
    • Every urban task demands an individual and unique urban structure and human function solution
    • The location and size of an urban complex needs an individual unique identification and unmistakably urban design solution
    • The quality of addresses has to respect the social balance in the society